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 Networking Stickers that are clean and neat, even after removal.

Looking to convey a message or just say “Hello, My Name Is” at your chamber of commerce event or conference?  Try Helpsticker Networking or Business stickers!  Gone are the days of stickers that don’t stick to business apparel or ruin your clothing. (Or both!)  Our proprietary HelpStickers are made for fabric apparel so they stay stuck. They remove cleanly so there is no adhesive residue left to ruin your nice business apparel.  Lastly, they’re water resistant and repositionable, making Help Sticker a perfect partner for businesses, hotel resorts and sporting events. Annoying generic stickers that curl and peel off are now a thing of the past.


Our secret sauce is in our adhesive. Know that your HelpSticker will stick and stay stuck, remove cleanly, be water resistant and be a bit reusable. Helpstickers are washer and dryer safe and made for fabric apparel from t-shirts to professional attire.

 (Note:  removing anyone else’s stickers can be a nightmare.  If you didn’t use Helpsticker and now you have  a mess, see these tips.)

Stickers for Marketing.

From large scale events and conferences, to luncheons, to simple happy hours, Help Sticker makes business networking and communication a breeze. Our sticker is also the only sticker on the market that sticks to professional apparel and removes cleanly.

Whether your business needs to convey a unique message, relay conference break-out session information, or simply communicate a person’s name – Help Sticker can help you make an impression that seriously sticks.

You tell us what message you want the HelpSticker to say — that’s all we need. You can customize the shape, size and message. All business HelpStickers are custom, and are designed to meet your needs for your message and your brand.

Show off your brand with custom HelpStickers printed with your company logo. Add a QR code to quickly funnel potential customers to your website or your social media platforms with just one scan.

And because our stickers are safe for fabric, you won’t have to worry about them peeling, falling off, or leaving a gummy residue that destroys expensive clothing. HelpStickers can also replace expensive conference lanyard systems at a fraction of the cost.



Our secret is the adhesive.

Remember the secret sauce is our proprietary adhesive.  So know that you can convey any message and count on your HelpSticker to stay stuck, remove cleanly, be repositionable, have limited reusability and be water/sweat resistant.  At a fraction of the cost of Lanyards and the elimination of a potential choking hazard, HelpStickers are your best kept marketing secret. There is no cheaper way to advertise your products and services in theme parks for Travel Agencies & Hotel Resorts.

Ready to get started?

If you’re interested in Helpstickers for your business, campaign, or church please give us a call to further the conversation with our HelpSticker team.   CLICK TO CALL HELPSTICKER: 678-897-1213

Design Notes

HelpSticker will need the following required information to begin your order of Custom designed HelpStickers.  Please have this information ready prior to calling or emailing us;  this will make the process go quicker and more smoothly.  All pricing is based on quantity ordered. The higher the quantity, the lower the cost.

  • Quantity (How many are you looking to purchase)?  We can quote price breaks as well.   (Example: if you think you want 5,000 we can also quote 10,00 and 15,000 so you can see the price breaks).
  • How soon do you need them?  Lead times to ship (not including transit times) are 2-3 days on stock and 7-10 days on full custom HelpStickers.
    Lead times start once artwork has been approved.
  • Do you want our graphic design team to design your custom HelpSticker or will you provide the artwork or layout?
  • If you are willing to provide artwork, do you have Vector file artwork? (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign)?  If you’re not sure what file you have, give us a call 678-897-1213 and we’ll help you identify your artwork.
  • Stock size, shape and one color message?  (Example:  3″ X 3″ with blue HelpSticker border as shown in examples).
  • *FULL CUSTOM* Custom size (up to 8″ wide), any shape, and full color print (Full color process like a picture or photo)? 
  • There is a $500 minimum order on full custom HelpStickers.

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