About HelpSticker

Help Sticker was created to provide a simple solution to what could be life-altering emergency situations.


By communicating critical information in the form of an exceptionally durable sticker with a proprietary adhesive, Help Sticker sidesteps otherwise distressingly dangerous scenarios for children and adults alike.

From alerting to medical conditions to warnings about severe allergies, to simple yet necessary clear contact information, and everything in between – we have a HelpSticker for you.

With dozens of templates to choose from AND the ability to customize stickers specifically for your unique needs, HelpSticker is providing visible and effective peace of mind one sticker at a time.

The Origin of HelpSticker

Founder, Keaton Smith, was visiting the Atlanta Zoo with his two children when he heard an ear-piercing shriek. Initially, he thought an animal had escaped its enclosure but was surprised to realize the screaming was coming from a mother… a mother who couldn’t find her child who had wandered away!

Keaton said it took almost 10 minutes to get the mother calm enough that they could provide zoo staff with a description of the child, and it was another 15 minutes of frantic searching before the missing child was found and safely reunited with his mother.

Fortunately, that potentially life-altering scenario had a happy ending, but as Keaton was preparing for a trip to Disney World with his wife and two children shortly after this trip to the zoo, he couldn’t help but remember the sheer panic that mother felt.

With a background and expertise in adhesive technologies and labeling, Keaton created a simple sticker that read “If I am Lost, Please Call” with his phone number written in for his two children. Throughout the week, parents inside the park kept stopping his family to ask about the stickers and inquire about where he purchased them.

Keaton said, “It was then that I realized these parents shared the same fear that I had, and that was when Help Sticker was born.”