The Simple Solution to Prevent Emergencies 


We’re HelpSticker!

Stickers that don’t come off and don’t leave a residue. Wash them and dry them and they still stay on, but they remove easily without stains when you’re ready to.


Starter Pack

30 Stickers


Medium Pack

250 Stickers


Large Pack

500 Stickers


Client Testimonials

“Help Sticker you answered my prayers, we were able to put the stickers on the students. The bus drivers knew exactly where to drop the students off. We didn’t have parents calling back after school.”

Sheila Barlow

Principal, Jackson Elementary School

“The stickers were awesome! Even if we saw someone walking in the hall way, you not only could take care of your students in your class, but other students as well if anyone got seperated. ”

Stephanie Corly

Teacher, Jackson Elementary School

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