Family Stickers

 Helpsticker products were developed specifically for kids apparel and designed to help decrease the time a child is separated from his or her family should they become lost .

For Children:

From family vacations to summer camps to everyday school activities to extracurricular activities – Help Sticker provides visible and effective peace of mind for parents. Help Sticker is perfect for family use. Whether you’re going on vacation to crowded public places like theme parks, attending carnivals or fairs, shopping at a busy all, attending a concert, or placing an elderly family member in assisted care – we have a sticker to help keep all your loved ones safe.

Our New Line:

Check out our new adorable Help Stickers, designed to make the sticker attractive to children.  Parents and kids will love these new “If I’m lost” stickers.  They’re cute, colorful, and ideal for kids of all ages.

Food Allergy Stickers

For parents with children who have food allergies, it’s always a good idea to have your food allergy stickers on hand. Whether your child is attending a birthday party, going to a church or school event, or going to be in any situation where other adults will be responsible, if you have your food allergy stickers, you can have confidence that your child’s allergies will be visible won’t be a problem.  Anaphylaxis is a significant concern for parents who children suffer from peanut allergies and many others food allergies.

Vacation Safety Stickers

Can you imagine a feeling worse than being separated from your child in a public place? Neither can we. That very feeling is the whole reason Help Sticker was created.

If your family is planning an outing to any crowded or public place, use Help Sticker’s Safety Sticker. It clearly communicates your contact information should you become separated from your child. This is ideal for children too young to articulate names, phone numbers, and addresses.

Get a name tag that sticks and doesn’t damage your clothing! 

Parenting is hard enough – let HelpSticker help you.

Public Safety Stickers

Does your child have a medical condition or severe allergy? Use HelpSticker Medical or Allergy Stickers. This sticker clearly communicates your child’s medical and/or allergy needs.

If your child becomes separated from you or if you can’t provide immediate medical information, our Public Safety Sticker can give emergency personnel the information they need to treat your child immediately. This critical information helps to mitigate the risk associated with treating life-threatening medical conditions and allergic reactions.


Lost Item Stickers 

Do you or your child regularly misplace valuable items?  Do you worry your belongings will get lost in public places? 

Quickly and effortlessly identify your property with Help Sticker’s super-adhesive “Lost Item” Stickers. Whether it’s a stroller in a sea of strollers, a jacket in the school auditorium, or a backpack at soccer practice – find your family’s items fast. 

In addition, Lost Item Stickers can quickly assist whoever finds your item by providing them with your contact information quickly. Not only does this save you time, it will also save you money- no need to replace items you already bought.

For Elderly Loved Ones

Do you have a loved one that suffers from memory loss or a medical condition that needs to be clearly communicated on a regular basis? We have stickers that can provide this critical information quickly and easily so you can worry less and enjoy spending time with your loved ones more.

Lost Luggage Stickers

Do you travel regularly? Lost luggage can be quite a hassle. Reduce the amount of time you are separated from your valuable property by using our über-adhesive Luggage Stickers.

Have Other Needs? 

Help Sticker is committed to providing solutions to everyday problems for your family. Do you need a special sticker?Let us know what you want and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

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