The simple solution to mitigate emergency situations.

Hi!  We’re Help Sticker, & we are so pleased to meet you.

Born out of the desire to mitigate emergency situations, HelpSticker provides a simple solution in the form of a proprietary sticker to sidestep otherwise distressing real-life scenarios.

Let us explain.  Each customizable Help Sticker relays critical, life-saving information.  Does your child have a medical condition or a severe food allergy?  Is your toddler too young to know your contact information?  Does your elderly loved one suffer from memory loss?  Do you worry that your elementary schooler will get on the wrong bus or get off at the wrong stop?  Have you ever gone on vacation and shuttered to think what could happen if your daughter or son got distracted and lost in a crowded public place?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then HelpSticker is for YOU.

How Help Sticker Works

It’s pretty simple really.  You determine the potentially life saving and critical information that needs to be clearly communicated, and we provide you with that Help Sticker.  We offer a wide variety of sticker templates to choose from and/or we can create a Help Sticker tailored to your specific needs.

“Help Sticker you answered my prayers, we were able to put the stickers on the students. The bus drivers knew exactly where to drop the students off. We didn’t have parents calling back after school.” Sheila Barlow

Principal, Jackson Elementary School

Why Help Sticker is so Special:

Beyond the fact that Help Sticker communicates essential safety information, our secret sauce lies in our proprietary adhesive.



Our adhesive is:

      • Extra grippy & stays stuck – so the edges don’t peel up/the sticker doesn’t fall off (‘cause how annoying would that be?)
      • Exceptionally Durable – it won’t crinkle and the ink won’t bleed
      • Safe for all fabric apparel – it removes cleanly leaving no gummy mess
      • Washer and dryer safe – and it will still remove cleanly
      • Moisture resistant – so you don’t have to worry about sweat or water having an effect on the adhesion of the sticker

Help Sticker’s Primary Beneficiaries:

While we certainly believe Help Sticker can benefit pretty much anyone, it was created with Schools, Families, and Assisted Living Homes in mind.

Explore Our Primary Uses:

Other Creative Uses:

Can you imagine a feeling worse than being separated from your loved one?  Neither can we – and that’s exactly why we created Help Sticker.  Life is difficult enough as it is, let Help Sticker help you.

Listen to what people are saying:

Explore the additional uses for Help Sticker.

– Coat Identification (we do not recommend using Help Sticker on Leather or Fur)

– Back Pack Identification (Help Sticker will stay stuck)

– Luggage Tags

– Business Networking

– Coat Check (to organize and identify coats quickly and easily)

– Dry cleaning (to organize and identify customer orders quickly and easily)

– Volunteering

– Children’s parties

– Natural Disasters (for child identification, allergy information, etc.)

Have questions?

Feel free to reach out! We are here to help… literally.

“The stickers were awesome! Even if we saw someone walking in the hall way, you not only could take care of your students in your class, but other students as well if anyone got seperated. ” Stephanie Corly

Teacher, Jackson Elementary School

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