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Whether you need to keep tabs on a classroom full of elementary school children on a field trip or you are planning a large business event and need high quality name tags that will last the entire event and won’t gum-up expensive clothing, HelpStickers offer professionals, educators, and parents the perfect solution.

The ability to stay stuck to apparel, remove cleanly and be water resistant is what separates HelpStickers from other stickers on the market.

HelpStickers are designed to provide general information or what could potentially be life saving information to emergency medical personnel. Because of this, we use a proprietary adhesive on our stickers that prevents them from coming off prematurely.

HelpStickers are water resistant and designed to stay stuck even when going through mud (see our mud run photo’s on our Facebook page), rain, or rigorous children’s play at the park.  And if they are left on a garment and go through the washer and dryer, they will still release cleanly (no adhesive residue).

This means when a teacher or another adult needs to be alerted about your child’s food allergy, the sticker will be there for visible and effective peace of mind.

If emergency personnel need to be alerted about a medical condition, you have peace of mind that the sticker has not fallen off during rough play.

If your child is lost in public and a stranger needs to quickly contact you to let you know where your child is, you can have confidence that the sticker with your phone number is visible and still in place.

If you are using HelpStickers for organization for the first day of school or to identify your child’s clothing, you can also rest assured that the label will remain in place.  Some elementary schools had their children wear their same HelpSticker each day the entire first week of school.

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“HelpSticker you answered my prayers, we were able to put the stickers on the students. The bus drivers knew exactly where to drop the students off. We didn’t have parents calling back after school.” Sheila Barlow

Principal, Jackson Elementary School

“The stickers were awesome! Even if we saw someone walking in the hall way, you not only could take care of your students in your class, but other students as well if anyone got seperated. ” Stephanie Corly

Teacher, Jackson Elementary School

Apparel Safe Stickers

Safe for Apparel Stickers

Unlike many stickers, our stickers are safe for apparel. They won’t damage your clothes and won’t leave any residue when you peel it off.
Washing Machine Safe Stickers

Washer and Dryer Safe!

Our stickers have been through the washer and dryer thousands of times and still peel off cleanely. So don’t worry if you forgot to take it off.
Remove cleanly Stickers

Removes Cleanly Everytime

Our Stickers are unqiue in that they don’t leave a trace on your clothing. With multiple uses the stickers will remove cleanly, everytime!

Safe for apparel and stays stuck!

While being exceptionally durable, the special adhesive on HelpStickers that keeps the sticker in place until you remove it, is also residue-free, so it won’t destroy clothing with a gummy mess. Even if the sticker is left on clothing when it is washed and dried, the HelpSticker will still remove cleanly.

HelpStickers can create custom stickers for anyone who needs personalized stickers or personalized labels. These stickers can help keep your child safe at theme parks or in large, crowded areas; they can serve as public safety stickers to give emergency personnel vital information about your child; they can even be used to identify property at the lost and found. But one of the things that separates HelpStickers from other kinds of stickers is that HelpStickers are residue-free, safe-for-apparel stickers that protect clothing. So whether it’s a church event or a business meeting, you can feel confident knowing that you’re not handing out identification stickers that will ruin or fall off clothes prematurely .

HelpStickers are commonly used for safety applications, whether it’s to identify children with food allergies or children or adults with medical conditions. In these situations, HelpStickers provide emergency personnel with vital time and risk mitigation information.

HelpStickers are also ideal for any kind of general identification needs at events ranging from business networking stickers to church functions or even school field trips.

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